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About Edelmood

Invest in the future

Jumpbuiz is committed to building a vibrant community and establishing a flourishing enterprise with a social focus and diverse foundations. Our approach involves actively involving the community in decision-making processes, thereby creating an inclusive environment where every individual can make a meaningful contribution. Our investments are directed towards cutting-edge administrative software and the digitization of property, which stand as our flagship projects shaping the future. The administrative software not only serves as a technological foundation but also as a platform for our community, aiming to offer the best possible user experience and to foster strong connections within the community. Join Jumpbuiz to be part of shaping a future where technology and social commitment go hand in hand.

Edelmood NFT

Edelmood NFTs are our investor/partner NFT cards, representing a minimum of 20% ownership in the company.

Management App

Our primary investments will be channeled into our IT development, which is creating multiple products.

Safely Investments

To maintain the stability of your investment, our real estate project serves as our secure haven.

Growing Succes

You contribute to our journey of becoming a robust, progressive, and innovative company, offering strong and secure returns.

1-1 Community

Invest Money, Invest in Life!

Founder's motto, Skander N Treves: "Think big to achieve even bigger."