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Financial Information

Edelmood Crypto Investment Strategy

What we do with your Investment ?

“In the first 3 years, our focus will be on the management tool and the digitization of real estate. Through our Edelmood Investment NFT, we offer you the opportunity to invest directly and immediately share in the profits. We start with our emphasis on the management tool and will gradually introduce all products to the market. Therefore, substantial investments are necessary to implement our plans swiftly and sustainably. Each project will be spun off and will have its own team with its own CEOs who will lead the projects into individually profitable enterprises under the guidance of the board. Although we won’t delve into too much detail here, we are available to provide further information upon request.
Our earnings will be officially allocated to Jumpbuiz UG; however, we are open to the rapid decentralization of the company to leverage global tax benefits. However, our goal goes beyond that of an ordinary company. Therefore, we will treat this transparently with you, and you will receive your share of all earnings generated through Edelmood NFT investments. To facilitate this, a dedicated Edelmood NFT employee will be appointed to manage the election of supervisory members, payouts, the dissemination of information about ongoing plans to the community, and the maintenance of direct contact. Our aim is to offer investors easy access to us and collectively demonstrate our capacity to achieve greatness.”
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Goes into the company.

75% Direct Investment

Goes into Advertising

25% forAdvertising

By purchasing an Edelmood NFT, you are automatically connected to the parent company. We intend to gather an extraordinary sum, understanding that the more strong investors we have, the lower the risk. Our CEO and founder are well aware that this is an unconventional approach to seeking investors, but what could be better than forming an international community directly? Your trust is valuable to us, and we are eager to demonstrate our worth to you.

Unleash the power through your investment, acquire Edelmood NFTs – every investment counts