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What is Edelmood NFT ?

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Edelmood NFT: Pioneering Digital Investment

Our Edelmood NFTs are closely linked to the CEO and founder. The founder ensures that both the NFT shares and all profits generated by the company and potential subsidiary ventures, financed by the investment capital of the Edelmood NFTs, at least 20% of the profits, are allocated to the Edelmood community shares. Additionally, a treasurer is appointed, who is solely responsible for the management of the earnings and distributions for NFT investors. Furthermore, during the company’s growth, the community will select multiple board members who will advocate for their interests.
EMwhite-1-e1692024271148 What is Edelmood NFT ?
EMwhite-e1692024122234 What is Edelmood NFT ?

Edelmood NFT owners

"Edelmood NFTs will hold 30% ownership of the company."


"Edelmood NFTs will hold 25% ownership of the Foundation."

Our esteemed partners and collaborating companies

I kindly request the first investor to present a compelling offer that will convince us. We are open to discussions and direct investment in the form of shares representing % ownership, as well as the opportunity to appoint one board member. We look forward to reviewing your proposal and potentially welcoming you as a valued partner in our venture. Please provide us with your enticing offer that aligns with our vision and goals.
Ich habe Ihnen bereits zwei unserer verschiedenen Sparten vorgestellt und bereite derzeit viele weitere Produkte vor. Mein langfristiges Ziel ist es, ein dezentraler Konzern zu werden, bei dem die NFT-Inhaber eine bedeutende Rolle bei der Unternehmensführung übernehmen. Ich strebe danach, unser Unternehmen ständig zu erweitern und weiterzuentwickeln und unsere NFT-Inhaber in den Entscheidungsprozess einzubeziehen. Ich glaube, dass dies uns dabei helfen wird, unser Wachstumspotenzial voll auszuschöpfen und unseren NFT-Inhabern zusätzliche Verantwortung und Einfluss zu geben. Kontaktieren Sie mich gerne für weitere Informationen.

Unleash the power through your investment, acquire Edelmood NFTs – every investment counts