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Edelmood Foundation

The foundation that is pioneering innovative pathways.

Our foundation pursues several primary objectives, with the most important being the active and long-term support of projects aimed at promoting education and aiding children in developing countries. Additionally, it will serve as the primary investor for teams pursuing a newly developed form of business activity that we intend to integrate into our company. The foundation will engage in direct partnerships with numerous projects, which we will transparently disclose. The allocation of 51% of the company's shares to the foundation aims to ensure that the company cannot be taken over in the long term and provides a secure investment for the future. Our vision is to have both the foundation and the company under the oversight of the community, where crucial decisions are made collectively. Starting from the fourth year, the foundation will receive returns that annually increase from 10% to up to 45% (increasing by 5% each year until reaching 45%). Statutes and information will be promptly released upon the establishment of the foundation and based on earnings generated by company profits. Our primary objective is to firmly establish the foundation. Nevertheless, we are committed to giving our investors priority when it comes to profits. Therefore, we have decided that the gains resulting from reducing the 51% shareholders can be utilized for bonus payments and other purposes benefiting the community. This step should ensure that our investors receive a higher return at the outset while simultaneously advancing our charitable goals.

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