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Invest in the community funds we offer

A community with the aim of providing all members the opportunity to achieve gains through innovative prospects.

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Edelmood NFT

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About Edelmood

Empowering NFT Investors, Powered by Jumpbuiz

Jumpbuiz is offering 20% of its company shares as NFTs through the brand Edelmood, with 51% slated to be transferred to a foundation at a later stage. By making a purchase, you are supporting a startup and becoming part of an international community. NFT owners also have the opportunity to contribute to the formation of the board of directors.

Support On Raising Funds

Your support transforms our company into a community project; elevate your funding for various projects.

Edelmood NFT Investment

Our Edelmood NFTs are linked to our company, with each NFT receiving returns and collectively choosing at least three board members with the community.

one of our projects

Get Exceptional
Service For Growth

Growing a company sometimes needs an exception plan. Edelmood focuses on the right investments to ensure growth.Our goal is to create a new software solution that automates multiple tasks for individuals

Planning Strategies

We streamline choices for evolving business plans and strategies, making development and adaptation effortless

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Financial Advices

Financial advisors elevate your journey in tax planning, investment management, and retirement planning

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Teams assists in crowdfunding projects, small ventures, and more for your entrepreneurial endeavors

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Process Development

Our development is aligned to ensure all crucial processes are clear and easily comprehensible for you

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Task Triumphs

Your milestones and progress are documented and bolstered with dedicated support throughout the journey

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Business Life Balance

Through our system, your future is set to evolve positively, with you at the forefront

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The company launching Edelmood NFTs prioritizes profitability as a core objective, while simultaneously advocating for global social justice.

Revolutionary concepts that come to life through our unique NFTs and the vibrant community.

Edelmood Nft

20% of the company's profits are allocated to the NFT owners


51% of the company will belong to the foundation

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