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Strategy & Payouts

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Edelmood Strategy

Strategy & Payouts

Our goal is to provide you as an investor with a transparent insight into our strategic planning and distribution structure. Currently, we anticipate that our company will become profitable in its fourth operational year. Our corporate policy is stable and closely intertwined with Edelmood NFT to achieve our ambitious goals that require significant capital investments.

The profit-sharing structure of the company is as follows: 40% for Edelmood NFT investors. Our community will consistently own 40% of the company. Within our community, payouts and bonus distributions are determined through community consensus.

During the initial four years, most profits will be reinvested into development. After this phase, you are warmly welcomed and will benefit from various dividends, bonus payments, and additional advantages. In the long term, the Edelmood community will play a vital role in numerous decisions, and your involvement through elections within both the foundation and the company will be of paramount importance. We cordially invite you to join us as investors, and we are committed to working diligently to ensure your satisfaction.

Our efforts are focused on two main areas. Firstly, optimizing our operations and effectively managing our processes. Secondly, we are firmly committed to successfully implementing our NFT real estate products. This innovative solution allows customers to invest in digital properties and leverage the benefits of blockchain technology. We are determined to achieve these goals and offer our customers top-notch solutions that cater to their needs.

Global Flexibility Investment

Upto 75% More Asests

Security Financial Solutions

Upto 25% More Asests

Support On Raising Funds

Strong investments form the foundation for the future of a collaborative enterprise and necessitate a fresh perspective in the business domain. Successful investments significantly impact the growth and innovation capabilities of our company.

Strategic Geo-Business

The selection of locations for our business establishments is solely based on the benefit to the community. This has no impact on your investment, as your participation remains constant.

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