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Why Digital ? Why NFT ?

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Edelmood NFT: Embracing a Novel Path for Investment

We chose NFTs for various reasons, understanding that the future is rooted in digitalization. Services are becoming progressively digital in nature. We aim to become an indispensable entity, much like an operating system, aligning with this trend. In order to provide NFTs with substantial momentum and considering our plans to digitize other NFT products like real estate, we’ve decided to issue our shares in the form of NFTs.
4-1 Why Digital ? Why NFT ?
EMwhite-2-e1692024790432 Why Digital ? Why NFT ?

Global Flexibility Investments

more than 75% of the earnings will be invested.

Transparent operational approach

Due to the new form of investment, we have decided to provide you with essential company information regularly.

Digital connections and collaborations

Through collaborations with partner companies and our management initiatives, we can optimally leverage the future for our company.

Unleash the power through your investment, acquire Edelmood NFTs – every investment counts